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What is Semoauto?

Semoauto is a free extension to send bulk outreach emails. It works under the Semrush Link Building Tool.

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Semrush Link Building Tool

Semrush is a popular tool for SEO professionals. Semrush has a Link Building tool designed for the sole purpose of running outreach to acquire links. 


A backlink is a hyperlink from one website to another. It plays a crucial role in SEO, as high-quality backlinks can improve a website’s authority and search engine rankings.

Email Outreach

Email outreach is a strategic approach used to connect with a specific audience through emails. It involves reaching out to individuals or organizations with the aim of initiating conversations, building relationships, promoting products or services, or acquiring backlinks.

It helps establish credibility, foster partnerships, generate leads, and drive conversions.

Successful email outreach relies on delivering valuable content, understanding recipient interests, and following up appropriately.

With its direct and customizable nature, email outreach is an effective process for marketing and building connections in today’s digital landscape.

Semoauto Helps You Do More

  • Email outreach automation
  • Could outreach automation
  • Blogger outreach automation
  • Influencer outreach automation
  • Email marketing automation
  • Link building automation

How To Setup Semrush Link Building Tool

Read this guide by Semrush to set up link building tool. 

A short video to set up link building tool. A detailed video to set up link building tool. Craig Campbell and Ross Tavendale present this tool’s core features and success story.

How To Send Bulk Mail Using Semoauto?

After setting all the parts of the link-building tool you are ready to send bulk emails. 

How to use the ‘Semoauto’ link building tool

Yearly Price (coming soon)

FreeSmall TeamMedium TeamAgency
Pay $9/yearly
Save 25%
Pay $49/yearly
Save 30%
Pay $89/yearly
Save 50%
Email at a time Max 50Max 50,000Max 50,000Max 50,000
Emails per day50 EmailsUnlimited
(As much as supported Semrush and email provider)
(As much as supported Semrush and email provider)
(As much as supported Semrush and email provider)
Number of browsers350Unlimited
Use It NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Lifetime Deal

Email at a timeMax 50,000
Emails per dayUnlimited
(As much as supported Semrush and email provider)
Number of browsers3
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Can send emails in Semrush free account.

Yes, You can send emails in Semrush free account.

Is Link Building Tool only for link building?

No, you can use it for any type of email outreach purpose. 


Next Development

  • Give the specific message.
  • ‘Start to Send Mail’ button will show below of email body textbox.

Release History

Version 1.10 (14-June-2023)

 - Add: Implement email send limitation for lite and pro users.

Version 1.9 (1-June-2023)

 - Add: Separate features for lite and pro users.

Version 1.8 (28-May-2023)

 - Add: Sign up, Login, Logout, Forgot password.
 - Add: Upgrade to pro (some logic remain to implement).

Version 1.7 (21-May-2023)

 - Fix: Invalid email stop sending email. 

Version 1.6 (11-May-2023)

 - Add: Number of emails selection dropdown. Change algo accordingly. 

Version 1.5 (12-Apr-2023)

- Update: Change user interface, look & feel.
- Update: Improve algo to select email checkboxes.   

Version 1.4 (7-Mar-2023)

- Add: Helpful links and titles. 

Version 1.3 (6-Mar-2023)

- Fix: Check email boxes are not properly selected.
- Fix: 'Send and proceed to next' button is  not always clicked. 

Version 1.2 (12-Jan-2023)

- Update: Different way to get objects.
- Update: Optimize sending 1 by 1.
- Upload to chrome store. 
- Release beta version.

Version 1.1 (26-Dec-2022)

- Fix: Bugs, sometimes unable to get the elements.
- Update: auto select with select checkbox.

Version 1.0 (14-Dec-2022)

- First development release. Give it to some inner group to use.
- Release alpha version.

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