Hover Console (alpha release)

Supercharge JavaScript console.log() with ‘Hover Console’ – A free Chrome extension for effortless console logging!

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Release History

Version 0.15 (3-Aug-2023)

 - Change: Popup UI.

Version 0.14 (3-Aug-2023)

 - Add: Support JSON, Array data.

Version 0.13 (13-Jul-2023)

 - Change: After selecting show popup then visible position radio buttons.

Version 0.12 (11-Jul-2023)

 - Add: Users can select whether the 'Hover Console' popup will show or not for a site. 

Version 0.4 to 0.11 (5-Jul-2023 to 10-Jul-2023)
 - Fix: Fonts not clearly visible to the white background. 
 - Add: Users can change the popup position such as right-top, right-bottom, left-top, left-bottom.  

Version 0.3 (4-Jul-2023)

 - Change: Minimize the transition period, and Don't show height and with when it is minimized.  

Version 0.2 (2-Jul-2023)

 - Fix: Unwanted object show.

Version 0.1 (30-Jun-2023)

- First release at Chrome Extension store.
- Release the pre-alpha version.

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