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Appaci Development Activities

3-Aug-2023– Hover Console: Change: Popup UI. Add: Support JSON, array data. Release v0.14 & v0.15
13-Jul-2023– Hover Console: Change: After selecting show popup then visible position radio buttons. Release v0.13
26-Jul-2023– SEMRush Email Extractor: Add: Domain name to .csv and Show a busy screen when working. Release v1.2.
16-Jul-2023– SEMRush Email Extractor: First product release v1.1.
11-Jul-2023 – Hover Console: Add: Users can select whether the ‘Hover Console’ popup will show or not for a site.
– Hover Console: Release v0.12.
10-Jul-2023– Hover Console: Fix: Fonts not clearly visible to the white background.
– Hover Console: Add: Users can change the popup position such as right-top, right-bottom, left-top, and left-bottom.  
– Hover Console: Release v0.11.
4-Jul-2023– Hover Console: Change: transition period. Height and with when it minimizes.
2-Jul-2023– Hover Console: Fixed some bugs and release v0.2 in production.
30-Jun-2023– Hover Console: First release v0.1 of Hover Console.
3-June-2023– Appaci site: Add logo and favicon.
1-June-2023– Semoauto: Separate features for lite and pro users.
29-May-2023– Appaci site: Implement redeem code.
21-May-2023– Semoauto: Invalid email stop sending email. Release v1.7.
11-May-2023– Semoauto: Add the number of emails selection dropdown. Change algo accordingly. Release v1.6.
27-Apr-2023– Appaci site: Implement Sign up, Login, Logout, Forgot password.
12-Apr-2023– Semoauto: Change user interface, look & feel and Improve algo to select email checkboxes. Release v1.5.
7-Mar-2023– Semoauto: Add helpful links and titles. Release v1.4.
6-Mar-2023– Semoauto: Fix some bugs. Release v1.3.
13-Jan-2023– Semoauto: Published v1.2 in chrome store. 
12-Jan-2023– Semoauto: Upload to chrome store. 
– Semoauto: Release beta version.
26-Dec-22– Semoauto: Fix bugs, sometimes unable to get the elements.
– Semoauto: Update: autoselect With select checkbox. domain registered.
– Release Semoauto development version
– Start developing an extension – Semrush Backlink Outreach Automation
– Planning to develop a chrome extension.